# Adopting UniFi UXG-Pro

This article will guide you through the process of adopting your UniFi UXG-Pro to a UniFi Network Controller

# Initial Setup

  1. After boot, the UXG Pro will require DHCP on WAN 1 / Port 1. Connect a cable to your WAN interface that provides DHCP. The UXG Pro also has support for PPPoE or a static IP addresses on the WAN port. The "advanced setup" is available to configure these settings after you login.

  2. Wait 1-2 minutes for the UXG Pro to obtain an Internet connection

  3. UXG Pro will ask to be adopted to complete the installation

# Adoption

  1. Connect a laptop or PC to Port 2

  2. To adopt the UXG Pro, you will to connect to the local web management portal at on a web browser

  3. Select 'Agree to the Terms of Service', then click next

  4. Click Skip to bypass the Sign In to UI.com

  5. Input the following, then click next

  • Fully Qualified Domain name: example.cloudunifi.com
  • Port: 8443
  • Username: Username for the admin user on your UniFi Controller
  • Password: Password for the admin user on your UniFi Controller
  • 2FA: 2FA code, if you have your admin user connected to your UI.com account and have enabled 2FA authentication
  1. A loading bar shows the progress of connecting to your UniFi Controller

# Check adoption on the UniFi Controller

  1. Log into your UniFi Controller, go to devices on the correct site, and check that the UXG Pro displays a status of 'Getting Ready'.

  2. The UXG will show a status of "Online" after a few minutes and is ready to be configured or moved to a different site.