# Migrating Sites with Site Export Wizard

This article will explain in detail how to use the UniFi Site Export Wizard to quickly and easily export sites from one Controller (including configuration and devices) to another.

# Overview

The Site Export Wizard allows UniFi administrators (with Super Administrator roles only) to export sites from one UniFi Network Controller to be managed by another UniFi Network Controller. This was previously possible with manual configuration, but the wizard offers a more convenient, and user-friendly way to do this. This process can work to/from any type of UniFi Network Controller including locally hosted controllers, Cloud Keys, Dream Machines and UniFi Cloud Controllers, so long as Controller version is updated to current and that the new controller's version is the same or newer that the original controller's version.

The migration process is virtually seamless, with a downtime of about a minute as devices provision and a few minutes for devices to appear in the new controller between steps 10 and 11 when changing the "inform URL".

# How to Migrate a Site

To get started, open the Controller and site that will be exported.

  1. Go to Settings > Site

  2. Select the gray “Export Site” button in the bottom-right of the page. This will initiate the wizard.

  3. In the first step, click “Download backup file” to download the file that contains the site configuration to be imported into the controller you are migrating to.

  4. Next, import this site into the new controller. To do so, open up the second controller web UI, click “Current Site - (Site Name)” dropdown in top-right of the display. Within this drop-down box select the “Import Site” option:

  5. Name the site. It does not have to match the original site name. Once the site has been named, select “Choose file” and select the backup file that was just downloaded i.e. "5.9.29_default.unf"

  6. Once the import has finished, a confirmation that the site was imported will appear. Once the import step has been completed, go back to the site being exported and click "confirm".

The following steps will migrate the devices. To do so:

  1. First, find the URL of the destination controller. In this case, the new controller has an hostname of example.cloudunifi.com. So that is what is entered into the "Custom Inform URL" input field.

  2. Next, select the devices that are to be migrated over by ticking the boxes next to each one, or select the entire list by ticking first checkbox.

  3. Click “Migrate devices” button.

  4. Verify that all devices are connected to the new controller and are visible on the devices page. Note this may take a few minutes. Once devices appear with a status of "connected" in the new controller site, you may select "forget devices".

Once the site export wizard has completed with success, the devices will be configurable in the new controller. At this time, unless the site was a default site, it should be safe to remove the site from the previous controller.