# Move a UniFi controller using Backup and Restore

This article will explain in detail how to use the UniFi backup and restore to move your configuration from one Controller to another.

  1. Select "Settings Only" for "Data Retention Days" and take a backup of your controller on version 6.X. On version 7.X, you will "Export Configuration" by downloading the migration file.

  2. Restore the backup file on your hosted controller. Settings > System > Backup - Restore Backup, click Import. You can also upload the backup file during the Setup Wizard. (Note - do not upload a "Site Export" file here! Site export files do not contain controller level settings.)

  1. Move the devices to your hosted controller

Option A. Replace your custom domain name record with a CNAME DNS record and point it to your hosted controller name (example.cloudunifi.com)

Option B. On the existing controller, in the "Legacy UI" go into settings>controller>controller settings, where it says Controller Hostname IP and input your new hosted controller name (example.cloudunifi.com) and check the box that says "Override inform host with controller hostname/IP". Your devices will automatically move over to the new controller, but it may take 5-10 minutes. In the "New" UI, the setting is located in Settings > System scroll to the bottom to find "Override Inform Host"

  1. For Option A, contact our support team to update the TLS certificate on your controller with your custom domain name.