# Using Ubiquiti Account and Services

This article will explain why you may want to use your Ubiquiti Account to manage your controller along with the extra services this enables.

# Overview

Using your Ubiquiti account to manage your UniFi Network Controller has a number of advantages. These advantages include the ability to enable MFA (Multi Factor Authentication), using Cloud Mail for notifications and Push Alerts for Mobile. The main disadvantage is the Ubiquiti Cloud SSO API needs to be operational for you to login to your controller.

# Remote Access

You can enable or diable Remote Access to your controller from the UniFi Network Portal by going to Settings/System/Administration then check to enable or uncheck to disable Remote Access.

# Sync Local Admin with Ubiquiti SSO

Create a Ubiquiti account at (https://account.ui.com) using the same username, email, and password that you used for the local admin account you would like to sync.

(New UI) Go to System, Administration section, then select enable for "Enable Remote Access" and "Sync Local Admin with Ubiquiti SSO". Apply the changes.

# Enable Cloud Mail Server

Cloud Mail Server allows you to send email notifications, forgot password requests and invite new users. Go to Settings/System/Other Configuration then click "Cloud" as the Mail Server.

# Launch Controller using hostname

If launch using hostname is not working from (https://network.unifi.ui.com), you may have the example hostname set for your controller. Change to the Legacy UI, then Go to Settings/Network Application/Network Application Settings then change the value for "Network application Hostname/IP" to your controller hostname. Click "Apply Changes".